Thursday, 3 March 2011

New York, Immy and Centa's thoughts...

Our trip to New York.

Sataday  26th - Moma, Soho, Empire State, Charlie O's, Time Square.

We went firstly to The Museum of Modern Art which was infact HUGE and filled with exciting cultural artwork from different ages, times and places. Such as Grecce, Rome, China and Japan. It was really intresting and amazing seeing peices of artwork that we have researched in class and then after we had been around the museum we went outside and most people enjoyed a hotdog and the landscape made up of beautiful skyscrapers. Soho, everyone was really excited to go as it is a very famous yet individual part of New York. We went shopping in small groups of friends for a hour and met back at the subway station ready to go to the Empire State Building. The empire State building was crowded to say the least, the que's where ridiculous compared to the usual. When we were in the lift your ears popped because of the speed the lift was going and the height you were going too. The lift went 10 floors in 10 seconds and the view was ofcourse amazing, Imogen found Maccy's as she was unable to find from the ground. We walked through Time Square another amazing experience as you feel it's day even at night because of the amount of light projected from the advertising screens. We ate at Charlie O's which everyone enjoyed and then we were given time to shop around Time Square in groups which everyone enjoyed. Main attractions were the M&M store and Hersey's, for those who dont know. HUGE choclate stores. HAVE A NICE DAY

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